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Mental Health Problems

Life is tough, that's for sure, and when the harsh winds of life slowly but surely start to erode whatever tough outer casing you've evolved to develop, you'll find things getting tougher still.

more... 03/Oct/2014 17:07
More Lord McAlpine
Robert Alistair McAlpine, Baron McAlpine of West Green - Child Abuser
Child Abuse, The British Media, and The Tory Grandees That Protect Them

I recently saw an NHS spokeswoman on the news stating that just because you can't prove something in a court of law, doesn't mean it's not blatantly true. She was talking about Jimmy Savile's necrophillia, but she could just as well have been talking about Lord McAlpine's paedophillia.

more... 05/Aug/2014 09:00
More Jimmy Savile Child Abuse
More Jimmy Savile Child Abuse - UK Government Cover Up
UK Government Cover Up

It's been almost two years since my last update. Too many disasters to mention. I won't bore you with the details.

Here's the next round of 'as yet to be proven' allegations which, I'm sure you'll agree, make for some very interesting reading indeed!

more... 09/Nov/2012 23:45
These Babies Can Read...
These Babies Can Read... They can write too
They Can Write Too!

So can yours.

In as little as ten minutes your baby can be reading and writing with this exciting, award winning, free program.

more... 11/Feb/2011 09:45
First Contact Alien UFO
First Contact Alien UFO Video
Youtube Mash Video

I've just finished my first movie!

more... 04/Feb/2011 03:45
Free Charles Bronson
Free Charles Bronson
HMP's Nelson Mandela

In 1974 Michael Gordon Peterson stole 26.18 from a Post Office in Little Sutton. He was sentenced to seven years in prison, and he's still there...

In a cage!

more... 30/Jan/2011 17:21
"My name's Sean, and sticking the Linux disk in was my idea!"
My windows 7 Advert
My Windows 7 Advert

Don't buy a computer from Dell. They come pre-installed with a shitload of spam, and an inbuilt local datasafe toaster virus!

Mine gave up the ghost last week, when it booted to a blank screen telling me there was no operating system installed. It's got something to do with the pre-installed 'Dell Datasafe' virus, that knocks out the inbuilt Windows 7 functions of creating both a system recovery disk, and a disk image, in favour of a spammy virus called 'toaster' that only lets you do a factory pre-installed image and fucks up your boot sector when you set your box up as dual boot.

more... 27/Jan/2011 18:04

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